Gunsynd Shears 2019

  • Matt Cumming – 1st Open Woolhandling & 4th Open Shearing
  • Heidi Anderson – 2nd Open Woolhandling & 1st Novice Shearing
  • Nick Cumming – 2nd Novice Shearing and 4th Novice Woolhandling
  • Bridget Jones – 1st Senior  Woolhandling

The team from CMAT Contracting wishes to thank the organisers for the Gunsynd Shears held at the Goondiwindi Show last Saturday for a great competition.

Competitions like this showcase the talent in the industry and is a good background to mentor the up and coming talent.

Matt and Heidi had to compete against each other in the Open Woolhandling Finals and came 1st and 2nd.

Great spirited competition with Matt winning by a small margin, and promptly announcing his retirement while still at the top of his game.

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